Are You Getting Clarity“Early” In Your GL Files?

In this FREE e-book, I’ll show you the mindset and steps necessary to evaluate your case early, even when you start with little (or no) information!

The 25 Factors that Influence Liability and Damages in GL Files

In this book, I do a deep dive into the 25 factors that go into evaluating your case, early, and how to answer four key questions that will move your case to closure, quicker.

What People Are Saying...

This is excellent advice. Not only is it important for lawyer and client to have clarity, but by doing this deep dive into clarity in the first 60 days, client will trust you, even if case goes sideways down the road. That trust is priceless.

Talar Herculian Coursey, General Counsel at Vista Ford Lincoln

I feel like I just took a Masterclass in Insurance Defense and honestly, litigation, generally Patricia Baxter. I cannot believe how smart and informative this was. (I mean I shouldn’t be surprised because you are smart and informative), but seriously. This is brilliant. I love the whole “60 Days to Clarity” concept. REALLY looking forward to your webinar.

Olivia Vizachero, Owner of The Less Stressed Lawyer Company

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